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This is a continuation from my previous article. If you haven’t read that, I strongly suggest you to read that first to get a high level overview of Deep Learning concepts. Here is the link to Part 1 (Deep Learning Part 1 — Basic Terminology)

I could have dived deep into more theory and math part of activation functions, loss functions, optimizers etc. But I thought, Its a good idea to get our hands dirty and implement the first Artificial Neural Network (ANN) to get an understanding of the tool set. So let get started.

Installing Software and Setting up Environment

To begin with, you will…

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Ever wondered what is deep learning and how its changing the way we do things. In this series of tutorials, I will dig into the terminology used in the space of deep learning. A complete look at the mathematics behind activation functions, loss, functions, optimizers and much more. Along the way, I will also share links which I felt are useful rather than mentioning it to the end of the article.

Deep Learning: To put this in simple words, “Deep learning is all about making the machine to think and learn like human brains do”. In order to do this…

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